Mistletoe Fig

Mistletoe Fig, Ficus Deltoides, Mas Cotek
A native of the Malayan archipelago, the plant species are male and female. The leaves of female species are big and round in shape, while the male species are small, round and long in shape.

Ficus are one of the most important components of tropical forest ecosystems suppling fruit throughout the year to a range of small animals sometimes when other sources are in short supply.

"Different parts of the plant are used traditionally to treat various kinds of ailments. The fruits are used to relieve headache, chewed for toothache and cold, whereas powdered root and leaves of the plant has been applied externally to wounds and sores. Additionally, root and leaves around the joints for relief of rheumatism and traditionally consumed as herbal drink for women after childbirth to help in strengthen up the uterus." from here/