Aw Pottery

Aw Pottery in Machap, Simpang Rengam, is a Johor treasure. Founded in 1940, this pottery studio is a great resource for ceramic containers for home and garden. Their store also includes other handicrafts for the home. Of late, they have also included pottery classes as part of their offering. Check out their website fore more information.

Tanjong Kupang Sea Grass Meadow

There were no Seahorses today. On a field trip to the Sea Grass meadow in the Pulai river estuary today organized by Save Our Seahorses — our job was to help them count seahorses to monitor their situation.


Understanding how to live sustainably in a world that encourages us to work long hours to earn more to spend more on consumer goods is not easy. Spending more time with our children outdoors or to make sustainable choices for the home or what we eat requires us to question and even rebel against the corporate led consumer culture that has become the norm. Johor green wants to make sustainable lifestyle aspirational through our events and workshops and by gathering and disseminating information about resources and ideas on how to make those changes in the key areas of home, garden, what we eat and how we spend our leisure time.

Green Home & Garden

An important area where we can make sustainable choices that are not only responsible but also reduce exposure to toxic materials is in the home. We can vote with our wallets to reward companies and local artisans who are championing sustainable methods and local, renewable materials. Our gardens can provide shade to help reduce our energy bills and fruit, vegetables and herbs to feed us. In an increasingly urbanized environment, a home and garden that keeps us connected with nature and does the important job of  providing balance.