Doi Chaang Coffee

The recently opened Doi Chaang Cafe in City Square, Johor Bahru arguably serves the greenest cup of coffee in Johor Bahru. While most of the new artisanal coffee joints in town brew single origin beans from the far flung continents of Africa and Central America, Doi Chaang's source is their own farms in neighbouring Thailand which reflects a much lower carbon footprint.

Hutan Bandar

Set around a large pond, Hutan Bandar on Jalan Tasek Utara is an accessible city green space that is close to Johor Bahru city center with a nearby open air food court. This green space is well thought out with ample space and interesting sections like the Orchid Garden but is sadly under utilised and could be maintained better. Still well worth a trip though due to its location, accessibility and mature greenery.

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