JB Heritage

Hao Wei is a self employed private tutor who also organizes weekend tours JB Heritage Walk as a community building social enterprise celebrating heritage in Johor Bahru city center. He will develop and run a 'Green Heritage' tour at Heritage Forest navigating visitors through the cultural and heritage relevance of the trees and plants in the park.

Green U

Akata Yang has a background in retail running an organic shop and is the founder and organizer of  Green U Market. held monthly at Edible Park. He also runs Green U Leisure - an Eco Leisure and Adventure tour operation.

He has been a partner with JOGreen in organizing the Johor Green Markets which will grow to include managing events at both Edible Park and Heritage Forest with a primary focus on community building and coordinating the enterprises that will be using the parks as a hub for sustainable local produce and artisanal food.

Bakers Garden

Sharina Ali grew up in a household where all the ladies are great bakers and trained with a food R&D company in Spore. After coming back to JB she saw a niche market in real cakes using real ingredients which she favoured being a mother of 2 who wanted her kids to eat better quality baked goods free of artificial colourings, fondants and emulsifiers.

She is a regular at our green markets increasingly incorporating local ingredients into her bakes like tapai, cempedak, roselle flowers and many more. She recently opened Bakers Garden in Taman Eko Botani, IP. Her products will be available at  the cafe at Edible Park on Saturdays, which will have a 'plant based' and 'farm to table' concept.


JOGREEN Enterprise runs the #johorgreen platform which is focussed on cultivating a green and sustainable urban lifestyle.

We manage Medini Green Parks in partnership with Medini Iskandar providing year round programming while also nurturing enterprises and community around sustainability and green values.

We are also working with UEM Sunrise to organise regular Green Markets at Puteri Harbour and the Iskandar Puteri area.

JOGREEN also prints a range of stationery and wall art celebrating our Green Heritage and is currently developing a range of botanic based products

Founder Chris Parry previously worked as a design director and graphic artist in the US. He started Johor Green with an interest in cultivating ideas about sustainablity in Johor from an aspirational lifestyle view point. This evolved into the setting up of JOGREEN as a social enterprise.