Taman Pelangi Night Market

Tuesday Nights, Jalan Pinggai (between Jalan Kuning and Jalan Sri Pelangi)

On the right hand side, as you enter from the Jalan Kuning side. Free range eggs. Vendor has a small table selling only eggs, comes early and leaves early- by 6.30pm.

On RHS if you enter from Sri Pelangi entrance, just after the hawker food market. Vendor sells only Malaysian produce- usually mangoes and these local lemons from Ipoh. Did you know that citrus fruit is native to South East Asia?

John is my favorite vegetable vendor at the market — he grows vegetables using low residue pesticide method ie he stops applying any kind of pesticide a few weeks before veg is brought to market. He also focusses on lowland native herbs and vegetables that don’t require much protection (like kankong, cukor manis, thai basil). His stall is somewhere in the middle opposite Desaru fruit Farm.

Jambu Ayer from Desaru organic fruit farm. Their stall is somewhere in the middle opposite John. I’ve been to the farm and seen how they use barrier methods to protect the fruit against insects — by wrapping each individual fruit on the tree with plastic bags which they recycle. Any fallen fruit on the ground is composted with straw, chicken manure from a local farm and enzymes which is then used to fertilize the soil around the trees.