Workshop and Classes at Edible Park

Free workshops and classes at Edible Park

Nature Class:
  Every Friday Morning. Whilst enjoying the outdoors, collecting materials and investigating the natural world, kids are encouraged through science, art and crafts and creative play, to learn about and make important connections with nature. A regular Friday morning class at our Garden Studio for kids that is hands on and involves their exploration of our natural surroundings. Recommended ages: 4-10 Admission is free.

Sustainablity Sessions: Saturday mornings we hold a social and knowledge sharing session on topics that can provide skills and insights into living sustainability. We will bring many sustainable concepts into real life context like #zerowaste, #locavore, #slowfood #growyourownfood #chemicalfree

We will have facilitators that will help us revisit lost domestic skills, learn local and heritage wisdoms and guide us through more advanced ideas like fermentation, horticulture and soap making.

We combine this with plenty of information to help us understand the science and culture behind natural and alternative methods whilst also remembering that when we add fun, creativity and sociability we turn chores into the art of living.

Come indulge your curiosity and creativity, enhance your life skills and make some new friends! Suitable for adults of all ages and we have plenty of room for young kids to play and older ones can participate with parental supervision.