Green Heritage Workshop at SMKIJ Convent

Students from SMKIJ Convent Johor Bahru, pictured above, participate in a 2 hour workshop exploring their relationship with the environment.

Using artwork and other material from our Green Heritage  initiative, we engaged these young people on the role of flora and fauna in our environment from the different viewpoints of art, science and culture with a focus on local flora.  We also describe the relevance of the natural world to industry and career choices like agriculture, biochemistry and the food/restaurant business. After the talk, students review materials like books, fabrics and plant cuttings and then work on articulating an idea of their own choice by drawing, painting or writing. We then had a feedback session on selected work to appreciate the strength of the idea, how well it was articulated and its creative merit.

This Green Heritage workshop is part of our Green Education initiative.


The city of Johor Bahru, in terms of sustainability is currently a work in progress with both major setbacks due to urbanization as well as promises of better things to come. We will continue to track the increasing provision of better energy, building infrastructure, green spaces and transport resources. Here's a checklist of considerations that make a city or town green or in our case - a list of aspirations.

Green Transport

Johor Bahru has limited public transport options - the best probably being taxis with the use of apps like MyTeksi. A better public transport system is promised by 2016 as Iskandar increases its infrastructure in this region.