Johor Green hosts annual garden party for enthusiasts

Johor Green founder Chris Parry (third from left) with guests from the Singapore Consul Office JB, admiring plants in the Tropical Cottage Garden. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Peggy Loh, May 29, 2015. 

Johor Green, a group of people in Johor Baru who aims to inform, inspire, influence, encourage and connect with the community towards a greener Johor, recently held their annual Garden Party. Guests at the party themed “It’s Time” exchanged views and ideas of garden design elements and precise plant choices.


Ikebana exhibition. Collaboration between Ohara Circle and Johor Green.

An Ikebana Exhibition showing the universal themes of ‘summertime’ like young branching foliage, and also our own seasonal occurrences like the Tembusu flowering season in May and the young green fruits of Rambutan currently on the trees. Living in a region that is one of endless summer, some arrangements also celebrate our more local flora personalities of visible roots, lush growth and colourful foliage. Containers used are earthy, rustic, and organic, some being the ceramic work of Datin Ong Kid Ching, some artisanal baskets from East Malaysia, antique wooden container and some made from found materials.

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A Time for Action

3 exhibits with a strong message to rally civil society to become more aware and proactive in dealing with environmental issues that we are facing. They are collaborative works with artists and voices relevant to the issues

Garden Party 2015

On Saturday May 23, 2015 Johor Green will be holding its annual Garden Party to celebrate the garden’s enduring role as a source of food, medicine, sanctuary and inspiration.