Dairy milk products like ice cream are one of the least environmentally friendly foods we can consume with the added complication of inhumane conditions for the animals used. Local Malaysian company Sangkaya easily navigates around those issues with their delicious coconut milk based offerings, now being served in their new shops in Johor Bahru - one on Jalan Dhoby and a new one in Mount Austin.

In a perfect world, those coconuts would also be locally sourced - they're currently from Thailand but the owners say they want to eventually source their main ingredient from their own local plantations. Its a small gripe in context of what they are supporting: non dairy, fairly locally sourced, all local Malaysian staff - and of course it champions a classic local ingredient - coconut.

We love their contemporary, innovative, local centric and sustainable direction - so if you want a relatively guilt free indulgence we recommend them as the best and most sustainable choice in an exploding artisanal ice cream scene in the city.