Sin Keng Wah Mattress

Sin Keng Wah Mattress Shop  at 23 Jalan Trus sells Kapok Mattresses to order made by hand. Kapok mattresses, made from the silky fibre of locally grown trees were once a popular choice here in Malaysia but have since been replaced by factory manufactured mattresses filled with synthetic fibres.

This heritage business operating in downtown Johor Bahru has always maintained a loyal customer base, which includes the royal household, but is also now enjoying a renewed interest from expats and young professionals seeking the environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic qualities that this product offers. 

The fiber used is now sourced from Thailand, but still painstakingly stuffed and stitched in the traditional way. An interesting new product they have is a mattress 'topper' a slimmer lighter mattress that can be put on top of a factory mattress to enjoy its natural qualities. Kapok pillows and bolsters are also available.